Premiere: 30 September 2015, Toneelschuur Haarlem

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EYE honours Dutch filmmaker Kees Hin

15 January 2016, EYE Film Center, Amsterdam



The succesful 2015 Holland Festival production by and about Misha Mengelberg will tour the Dutch theatres in May 2016.

Misha Mengelberg, Cherry Duyns, Guus Janssen, ICP Orchestra, Choreography Beppie Blankert

A farmer, his wife, a beautiful girl and six cows, including meadow cows, air cows and a water calf this is the very Dutch, yet slightly surreal setting which Misha Mengelberg invented for his music theatre work Koeien (Cows). With the texts and the music of this unfinished project, composer Guus Janssen and director Cherry Duyns have created a performance which is quintessentially Mengelberg, featuring an eccentric character, played by Pierre Bokma, who cannot but remind one of the maestro himself, who turns 80 this year. With a direct view onto the stage, where his old comrades of the ICP Orchestra are playing, he muses to himself, makes comments and much in the spirit of Mengelberg delights in causing great confusion.
Beppie Blankert Archive now on line

The Special Collections Department of the University of Amsterdam and Stichting TIN (Theater in the Netherlands) put together the Theater Encyclopedia. Beppie's complete archive is now included in this public archive. Find it at

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