Double Track


Choreography and concept:

Beppie Blankert


Music and concept:

Louis Andriessen



Samuel Becket

"Text for nothing no.7"


Double Track is a performance about waiting, or more precisely: the time before the making of a decision.

Made in 1986, performed by two women, the work was remade in 1999 for two male dancers.

Now a man and a woman perform Double Track: John Taylor and Hillary Blake Firestone

The remake was meant to present the work for a new audience and furthermore as a choreographic exercise: is it possible to use this "tried and trusty" concept as the basis to create a new Double Track? Beppie succeeds to stun the public again with the beautiful choreography and her witty theatrical concept.


photography: Ben van Duin

In Double Track of Beppie Blankert nothing seems impossible. A piece that moves and confuses you.

With Double Track Blankert created a poetic and intriguing piece. The performers are both actor and dancer. They are outstanding in both fronts. Taylor and Firestone know how to keep the attention of the audience effortless. Their craftsmanship becomes apparent also because they seem to keep up the illusion with the mirror without visible effort. The text of Beckett gives the show extra allure. Double Track is technically special and theatrically strong.

by Elisabeth Oosterling