Double Track



Double Track, John Taylor and Christopher Steel

Choreography and concept:

Beppie Blankert


Music and concept:

Louis Andriessen



Samuel Becket

"Text for nothing no.7"



Double Track is a performance about waiting, or more precisely: the time before the making of a decision.

Made in 1986, performed by Beppie Blankert herself and Caroline Dokter, the work was remade in 1999 for two male dancers: John Taylor and Christopher Steel.

The remake was meant to present the work for a new audience and furthermore as a choreographic exercise for Beppie Blankert: is it possible to use this "tried and trusty" concept as the basis to create a new Double Track? Beppie succeeded to stun the public again with the beautiful choreography and her witty theatrical concept.

Beppie Blankert’s Double Track makes disorientation a pleasure. As danced by two women it astonished American audiences in 1988…. It proved equally surprising performed by two men.

Jack Anderson in The New York Times



This visual masterpiece…. has been reinvented for a male cast….For all the theatrics she employs, Blankert’s movement is crisp, repetitive and always exhilarating.

Gia Kourlas in Time Out



Double Track, John Taylor and Christopher Steel
Photographs  © Charlotte Wissing

It contains one of the supreme theatrical surprise effects of my experience. I think Double Track is completely timeless….

Christopher Hunt interviewed by Kate Mattingly in The New York Times


The illusions of this piece are remarkable. Beyond that, Blankert’s invention of ideas is just as intriguing.

Nancy Gilson in The Columbus Dispatch



No one who sees "Dubbelspoor" will henceforth look at a mirror, a TV, a computer monitor or, for that matter, a stage performance, in quite the same way as before. In no small manner "Dubbelspoor" is a revelatory, paradigm-shifting experience.

Seth Rogovoy in The Berkshire Eagle


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