Ives, Fabian Galama

Charles Ives

Charles, the first part of Ives, was commissioned to Beppie in 1991 by the Springdance Festival in Holland. In 1992 she made the second part: Ives. Both works are focused on the composerís life and the way he worked. The music was played live on stage. Charles and Ives form the first part of Blankerts trilogy on the work and live of American composer Charles Ives.

For Charles and Ives she recieved the Gold Prize for Choreography and Production from the Union of Theater and Concert hall Directors in 1992.

The production successfully toured England, the US and Canada.




"In addition to her admirable infactuation with composer Charles Ives, Beppie Blankert is a choreographer inimitably willing to invert the usual relationship between music and dance"

Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune



"The absolute treat of the festival was Dutch choreographer Beppie Blankerts Charles. Blankert mingles her dances and concert with deceptive simplicity, creating a sense of easy comaradery between dancers and musicians. The dancing is full of humor in its springly playfulness and temperamental rhythms, its crisp footwork, and its easy boots. The whole event is so beautifully, entirely in tune"

Village Voice



"Charles has been upgraded to Leicester Cathedral for its British performances, a surprisingly intimate and appropriate setting. It was beautifully presented by two male dancers, a baritone and a pianist, each one complementing and enhancing the other"

Nadine Meisner, The Times (GB)



Photo © Marco Borggreve